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Travel Bloggers and Travel Guides, Connect Your Audience To All Your Social Channels

It can be difficult to inform your audience of all the places they can find your content. Social channels like Instagram only allow one profile link but you might have a blog, videos on YouTube, a Twitter account, and a group on Facebook that you want to include as well. Instead of having to choose where you send people, you can now use a new tool that we created specifically for people who love to travel.

Your Travel Bio allows you to add social links, web site links, journal entries, your travel bucket list, travel stats, and more. It's a great way for people to stay up-to-date on all your activity in one location. When you visit new countries, cities, and states using the Duckwyn Travel app your profile will be automatically updated. This gives you a unique way to show off all the places you've been and the stamps and stickers you've collected along the way.

The tool is available for both free and paid accounts. If you have an account already you can update your travel bio in your settings. Paid accounts have some additional features giving you the option to add more modules to your profile home page. For more information on this new tool visit

Here's an example of my

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