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Founding Family

Become one of our 50 Founding Families

Unlock the stories behind your travels with the family-friendly travel app for collecting, tracking, and sharing your fun family adventures.

Eiffel Tower information card

Keep track of the places your family visits

Collect fun, virtual rewards from the countries, U.S. states, cities, airports, and historic places you explore.

Rio de Janeiro sticker

Each city has a unique sticker to collect including all 50 U.S. capitals.

Stone Henge stamp

Add 330+ destination stamps

Add stamps to your collection when you visit popular travel destinations worldwide.

Heathrow Airpot medal

Get coins at 400+ airports

Keep track of the airports you visit as you travel the world.

Explore the world with the Duckwyn Travel Journal

Map View
Visit Historical Places
Trivia Question
Collection of stamps
Answer Trivia Questions
Collect Stamps and Stickers

Learn From The Past While Exploring The Present

Your family loves travel, culture, and adventure.

We do too.

Grab your passport and lets explore the world together.

Point of Interest Screenshot
Travel Journal Screenshot

Organize Your Travel Memories

Keep notes during your travel adventures.

​With your Duckwyn Travel Passport it's simple to remember where you ate lunch in Madrid and what company ran that awesome bus tour you went on in London.

New Journal Starters give you prompts throughout the day to help your kids think of things to include in their journal.

​Document the places you love so you can share them with friends and return to them years later.

Share With Friends and Family

Your journal posts can be shared or kept private. You decide who sees what and when. 

Pictures, travel notes, local gems, and the fun stamps and stickers you collect can all be shared through your travel journal. 

Journal Entry

Inspire your kids to learn more about the world with fun, collectible trading cards

Collectible travel cards

Find, Photograph, Explore

Don't leave the next city you visit unexplored.

From local treats to unique experiences and hidden gems, we want to make sure you don't miss a thing.

New city checklists are now included in your Duckwyn Travel Passport. Current cities include:

Things to do
Highlights from previous vacations

Turn Your Journal Into Interactive Travel Memories

Enjoy your travel memories long after the journey ends.

  • ​Create an interactive experience of the places you visited on your vacation

  • Easily share them with your friends and family

  • Mobile and desktop versions make it easy to view your adventures on any device

iOS or Android? Desktop, Phone or Tablet? It doesn't matter.

There is nothing to download. Your passport is always accessible from your browser on any device.

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