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Grand Canyon

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Map View (Home)

The explore screen is the first page you see when you log in. It is also accessed by clicking on the Duckwyn icon from any other page.

  1. Access your profile, log in as another family member, and view your passport collection.

  2. Keep track of your experience points and the wingots you've earned.

  3. Blue icons show the places you marked as hidden gems.

  4. The blue arrow marker shows your current position on the map.

  5. Points of interest are marked on the map with an orange icon. Each point of interest has it's own stamp and sticker to collect.

  6. Access your journal to take notes about your trip.

  7. 'Discover' - Access information about the current city, US state, territory, or country that you're in. Access this window to checkin from a new destination or mark a return visit.

  8. 'Quests' take you to the best things to do nearby. Add your own family quests to keep the kids engaged during your visit.

  9. 'Passport' will take you to your passport book. Here you can view all the stamps and coins you've collected.

Points of Interest

Click on a point of interest icon to display more information about that location.

  1. Add this point-of-interest to your todo list

  2. When the stamp icon is highlighted, you can collect your stamp and answer 3 trivia questions to earn a special sticker. You will have to be nearby to collect the stamp. Trivia questions can be answered later.

  3. This icon will highlight when there are quest to complete nearby. If you complete all of the quests, you'll earn the legendary explorer badge.

  4. Detailed information about the place you're visiting. Make sure you read the information as there are trivia questions you can answer to earn a special sticker.

  5. More information about the destination is available when you click this tab including links, directions, and open & closing times.

Points of Interest: Earning Stickers

Click on the "trivia time" button to start answering the trivia questions about the point of interest your at. This button appears after you click on the "stamp you passport" button.

  1. Trivia question

  2. Points countdown: the faster you answer the question correctly, the more points you earn.

  3. Trivia answers: tap the answer to the question and find out if you got it right.


Trivia Questions

  1. See the answer you tapped on. It will display green if you got it right. If you got it wrong it will be red and the correct answer will be displayed.

  2. If you got the question right, you will see how many points you earned.

  3. If there is another question, this button will take you there.

  1. If you get all the question right you will earn a special sticker. These stickers are unique to each point of interest.

  2. When you're done, tap the close button to return to the point of interest window.



Click on your stamps and stickers for a closer view of each.

  1. View all your stamps

  2. View all the stickers you collected


Travel Journal

  1. Click the icon at the top of your screen to add your travel experiences, notes, and pictures.

  2. Complete the form to submit your journal entry. You can choose to make your notes private or you can share them with your family and friends.

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