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Park Güell: Unique architecture, panoramic views of Barcelona

Park Guell

Antoni Gaudí's influence can be seen all over Barcelona but Park Güell may showcase his style and talents best. Gaudi's style and imagination for using organic shapes to create surreal spaces is highlighted throughout the park.

​Park Güell was originally part of an unsuccessful housing venture by Eusebi Güell in 1900. The intent was to build a community of luxury homes that took advantage of the beautiful views present from the rocky, hillside location. The project didn't generate enough interest. In 1906, Gaudi bought one of the homes and moved in with his family.

Today, Park Güell had been converted into a municipal garden and it's open to the public to explore. You will need to by tickets in advance if you want to view the whole grounds which I'd recommend. There are sections of the park that can be accessed for free if you don't have tickets or don't have the time to completely explore the gardens. 

We walked to Park Güell from Sagrada Familia. It was a pleasant walk but be prepared for it to take some time. In this direction, much of the walk was up hill. There is also public transportation that can drop you near the park entry.

As of today, Park Güell has been added as a point of interest to the Duckwyn passport app.

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