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Livadia Palace's World War II History

History of Livadia Palace

This beautiful palace was the summer retreat for Russian tsar, Nicolas II and his family. During World War II, the German Army used it while celebrating the completion of the German Crimean Campaign which lasted from 1941 to 1942. It was at this same location in 1945 that the Yalta Conference was held. During the conference the Allied leaders of England, the Soviet Union, and the United States met to discuss the post-WWII fate of Germany. In just 3 years, Germany went from celebration to complete defeat. Today, you can visit the museum at the palace and learn about its past history.

Livadia Palace is just one of several places to visit to learn more about World War II. For a list of our recommended stops and museums, check out Ducwkyn's new World War II European Theater page.

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