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Experience The Great Sights That Venice, Italy Has To Offer

We've been busy adding new destinations to the Duckwyn Travel Passport.  Italy is one of my favorite countries to visit. Several years ago we enjoyed a long weekend in Venice. It was part of our longer trip exploring Rome, Naples, and Sorrento. The kids we're much younger then but they enjoyed exploring the city with boats instead of cars. This week I'm excited to add our first destinations in Venice to our travel passport app. 

The first is St. Mark's Basilica. This unique Roman Catholic Church built in the 11th century features 4 large horses above its entrance and gold mosaics covering much of the interior. Many of its artifacts were plundered during the Fourth Crusade. 

The next sight to explore is the Doge's Palace. This Venetian Gothic styled palace was built in 1340. It has undergone many changes over the centuries since. The palace was the residence of the Doge of Venice, the supreme authority of the former Republic. It has an enclosed bridge that connects the building to a prison, referred to as the Bridge of Sighs. Prisoners would go from the courtroom in the palace over the bridge to their jail cell making the bridge their last view of the lagoon and freedom before being locked up.

Finally, the last place we added is the Rialto Bridge. Built in 1591, this famous bridge crosses the Grand Canal. It features rows of shops on each side. A visit to Venice is not complete until you get a few pictures of the Rialto Bridge with a steady stream of gondolas passing by.

In addition to these 3 sights, be sure to visit the Church of San Giorgio Maggiore. Go to the top of the church for 360 degree views of Venice and the surrounding islands. You can find this gem and many more in our Family Travel Gems.

Also check out our Italy travel resources at to help with planning your trip.

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