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Why Every Parent Should Give Their Kids a Travel Journal

Updated: Jan 23

Keeping a travel journal can be a valuable activity for kids. Here are some reasons why your kids should keep a travel journal:

  1. Educational Opportunity: A travel journal can encourage kids to research and document the historical and cultural aspects of the places they visit.

  2. Keeping Memories: Writing down their experiences, observations, and feelings can help kids remember their trips in detail. It's a way to create lasting memories of their travels.

  3. Improved Writing Skills: Keeping a journal can enhance kids' writing/typing skills by encouraging them to express themselves and describe their experiences in a coherent and engaging manner.

  4. Creativity and Self-Expression: Kids can use their travel journals as a creative outlet, incorporating drawings, photos, and personal reflections. This allows them to express themselves and develop their artistic skills.

  5. Family Bonding: If the travel journal is a shared activity within the family, it can foster stronger bonds and provide an opportunity for parents and children to discuss and learn together.

  6. Goal Setting: Kids can set goals for their travels, such as visiting specific historical sites or learning about certain aspects of a destination's history. They can track their progress in their journals.

  7. Souvenir Collection: Travel journals can also serve as a place to collect small souvenirs, such as tickets, postcards, and brochures, which can be pasted or attached to the pages.

  8. Reflection and Perspective: Writing in a travel journal encourages kids to reflect on their experiences and gain a deeper understanding of the places they visit. It can also help them develop a global perspective by comparing different cultures and histories.

As a I look back at the places my parents took me as a kid, I wish that I had a travel journal at that time. I have some memories of these adventures but I'd have some many more to look back on if I had a journal. If you're a new parent or even a parent with older kids, it's not too late to start. I've even found that since I've been journaling my family travels, I've gone back to my pre-journaling trips and put in what I could remember. It's been a great experience and fun way to keep the memories alive.

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