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Where can you find all the world's history in one place?


The Mona Lisa is just one of over 35,000 artifacts to see in the Louvre. You can easily spend a full day at the museum and still not have enough time to see everything. Starting today, you can now add the museum to your passport book.

Plan to arrive early if you want to see the Mona Lisa without dealing with the crowds. Be there when the doors first open and follow the signs to the famous painting. You'll be able to get a great view and take some pictures before the room starts to get busy. Even better, you can enjoy some of the other artwork that shares the same room without feeling like you're in the way.

Once you're done you can set off to enjoy the rest of the museum. It's nice to say you've seen the Mona Lisa but there are so many beautiful paintings here, be sure give yourself time to explore them too.

There is so much to see it can be overwhelming. Try to do some research ahead of time to plan your route and don't try to do everything in one day. The first time I visited the Louvre we spent a half day there. That was enough time to see what we wanted to and then we spent the rest of the day enjoying Paris.  



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