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Use Photos to Set the Date/Time and GPS Information on Your Journal Entries in iOS17

Updated: Jun 11

I have a great new update to share that I'm genuinely excited about. Up until iOS 17, you couldn't upload images that contained EXIF data.This prevented us from using location and time stamp information from your photos to improve the journal entry process.

Now, when you add a photo to a journal post, you can choose to have the GPS location and the time added to the entry. This makes adding the location information for a journal entry a lot easier. Plus, if you're trying to go back and add earlier journal entries, sharing the time from the photo greatly simplifies this process.

I've personally wanted this feature for a long time. I don't always add journal posts "in the moment". I like to go back later, usually at the end of the day, and add the moments I want to remember. This new feature removes the annoyance of finding the right time and pinpointing the right location on the map.

Sharing Location Data in a Photo on iOS

To share your photo's location information in iOS, open a new journal entry and click on "choose file". Next, go to your Photo Library, and at the bottom, tap "Options." Make sure the "location" slider is on. In some cases, you may also need to set the photo format to "most compatible." While you're under options, you may also want to adjust the size to "large" or "medium" to speed up the upload time of the photo.

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