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Support the People of Muai Affected By the August Wildfires

Just three weeks before the fires my family and I enjoyed two wonderful evenings in Lahaina. In this short period of time, we met so many locals who made our experience there unforgettable. From the friendly owner of Penne Pasta, the staff at Maui Diving, our waitress at Captain Jacks who shared her story of living in Maui, the sales woman at Olivia by the Sea that was patient and helpful as my daughter was picking out a bracelet as the shop was closing, to Rafael, from Galeria Rafael, who lost all of his beautiful artwork, these people and so many more made Lahaina a welcoming and wonderful place to visit, a place you wanted to return to over and over again.

We were devastated to hear the news on August 8th of the fires ripping through the town and the destruction and lives lost. In response, I've been trying to find ways to help. I've designed this Ola Lahaina print to help raise money for the people of Lahaina. I couldn't imagine going through the loses they are trying to recover from.

This Ola Lahaina print pays tribute to the 150 year old banyan tree downtown, a tree that has recently shown signs of life after the fire. The recovery is going to be long and difficult process but I hope one day to be able to return to Lahaina and still see the great locals that made this town so wonderful and not a town that's been taken over by those taking advantage of this situation. Together, let's do what we can to help them recover and experience their regrowth.

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