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New National Park Badge: Glacier National Park

Glacier Bay National Park sticker

There are now 11 U.S. National Park badges for you to collect.  Today, we've added Glacier

National Park to the collection. 

Glacier National Park is located in Montana close to the Canada-U.S. border. Its vast territory encompasses over 1 million acres of terrain varying from mountainous areas to lakes, prairies, and tundras. The park's many features were formed by massive glaciers that carved out the valleys and lakes over thousands of years. 

The region was first inhabited by Native Americans. The Blackfeet and Flathead people dominated the area until European explorers arrived. In 1895, parts of their land were ceded to the federal government and would later become part of the national park.

Today the park can be explored on foot, by wooden tour boats, or buses called Red Jammers. These old coaches date back to the 1930's. Their unique style makes them easy to spot.

If you enjoy hiking, mountain climbing, fly fishing and other outdoor experience, Glacier National Park has a lot to offer.

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