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Build Lasting Family Travel Memories

Getting out and exploring the world together as a family are some of my most cherished memories. As babies, we brought them to California, Arizona, and Florida. As they got older we expanded our travels across the U.S. and into Canada and finally over to Europe. Unfortunately, Covid has taken away a couple of years of exploration and memories but health is always the priority. Now that it seems we’re heading out of the pandemic, we’re looking forward to traveling again, building more memories before the kids head to college and then enjoy lives of their own.

If you’re just starting your family, don’t wait to travel. It’s one of the most rewarding experiences you can have as a family. If you’re kids are older now and you haven’t had a chance to visit a new city, state, or country next door, one of the best gifts you can give to your kids is the gift of travel. Start planning a trip today. Seeing new things, learning new cultures, being engrossed in an unfamiliar language, these are the opportunities to bring your family closer together and open your kid’s minds to new possibilities in the world.

If you’re looking for ideas on where to go or what to do, check out our travel directory. It’s an archive of great travel posts from across the web that I’ve been curating to help families find new places to explore from around the world. Take care and happy travels!!

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