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2 New Locations Added In Madrid, Spain

Telefónica Building sticker

This week we added 2 locations in Madrid to our Kids Travel Passport book. We'll be continuing to expand in Spain with new locations in Barcelona, Cuenca, and Segovia coming soon. Starting this week, you can add the following to your collection:

  • Palacio Real de Madrid: Visit the official home of the Spanish Royal Family. Check out this massive 1.45 square foot palace, the largest royal palace in Europe.

  • Telefónica Building: The Telefónica Building was the tallest building in Madrid until 1953. Today, it's still a main attraction for it's history and design.

Visit and collect stamps from these locations in your Duckwyn Kids Travel Passport. If you don't have one yet, get yours today at our reduced price of $5 per year while we're in beta.

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