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Sacré-Coeur: Stunning views of Paris


Sacré-Coeur was built as a symbol of penance for years of bloody battles between the France and Germany, and the Vatican. Ironically, the basilica was completed in 1914, the same year that World War I would begin. 

The basilica stands on top of the highest point in Paris at the summit of Montmarte. The stunning view of the city is complemented by the equally beautiful, white stoned church. Sacré-Coeur is located away from many of the other tourist attractions but if you have the time, it's worth the Metro ride over to explore this part of Paris.

Sacré-Coeur is the second most visited monument in Paris so it can get busy. If you walk through the park below, be warned that there are usually very aggressive souvenir sellers looking for an opportunity to slap a bracelet on your wrist and then follow you around until you pay them. This can detract from the park a bit but if you're aware of this ahead of time, you can avoid these situations and still enjoy your experience.

Sacré-Coeur is now included in your Duckwyn passport. If you don't have one yet, get yours for free while we're still in beta.

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