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Duckwyn's Easter Egg Hunt 2021

Duckwyn is traveling around the world hiding eggs in fun locations. So far he's hidden eggs in Boston, New York, London, Paris, and Rome. If you come across one of his hiding spot between now and April 4th, be sure to get close enough to add the 2021 Easter Egg Hunt sticker to your collection. More cities are coming very soon.

Update: New locations added in Tokyo, Barcelona, Washington DC, and San Francisco.

Not near a major city this weekend? Let us know and we'll arrange to have Duckwyn stop by your town or city.

To take part in the Duckwyn Easter egg hunt you'll need to have a Duckwyn account. You can signup for the paid account (free for 1 year) or you can use the free account and still take part in the fun.

Log into the app and look for a picture of Duckwyn holding an Easter basket on your map. Once you get close enough to him you'll be able to add the 2021 Easter Egg Hunt virtual sticker to your collection. While you're out, be sure look for the many other historical destinations nearby that you can also add to your collection.

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