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A New Way to Enjoy Travel While Stuck at Home

This week my family was supposed to be vacationing in Greece. Instead, we're stuck at home in the U.S. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic is getting worse here so it may be a while before we feel comfortable getting on a plane again.

Duckwyn Travel Game screenshot

Travel has become difficult for many this summer which is why we started working on a new stay-at-home travel game. We wanted to take the fun learning environment from our travel app, and leverage it in a way where families could still have fun learning about the world while they can't experience it firsthand.

In the game, you will help Duckwyn find his way across 5 countries as he takes you on a tour of his favorite foods. Along the way, you'll need to answer trivia questions to find your next destination. Navigate through New York, Tokyo, and other cities while exploring historical locations in each. You'll find travel items that will make your exploration easier and you'll meet fun historical people during your journey.

If you'd like to try out the first chapter of Duckwyn's adventure, sign up for a free beta account and then visit this link to start your game.

Leave your feedback below in the comments section. We're still early in our game development with many fun new additions to come. We'd love to get your feedback.

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